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Our Beginning

Our president and director of investigations, Olwyn Triggs, has been a licensed New York State private investigator for 28 years and has extensive experience with all types of investigations, security services and executive protection detail. She is a skilled skip tracer, having honed her skills working with experts in their field including former federal agents, SLA agents, IRS auditors and customs agents in private practice.


Initiated a large-scale fraud investigation against an individual that involved an Ivy League educational institution and was later joined by various State Attorney General’s Offices.  While working undercover and in conjunction with the New York City Police Department we arranged for the perpetrator to travel to New York City where he was immediately arrested. We located and interviewed hundreds of victims across the US and in nine countries and convinced many of the more than 500 victims to come forward and give statements to their local district attorney’s office.  The result was a conviction and prison sentence of over 30 years.

Retained as an undercover investigator by the New York State Workers Compensation Board and Nassau County District Attorney’s Office that resulted in arrests and the successful resolution of numerous claims.

Initiated an investigation and busted a fraudulent ring of immigration brokers preying on undocumented immigrants. Located and interviewed over one hundred of the 800 victims.  Worked in cooperation with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security and local police authorities. Those undercover efforts resulted in arrests and long prison sentences.

Worked in joint cooperation with the New York City Police Department, New York State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an undercover operative in the successful prosecution of several individuals involving counterfeit goods.  We have protected the intellectual property rights of various clients during warehouse raids.